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Forest and Fish Interactions


Martin Environmental is a recognized leader in research, monitoring, and adaptive management studies relating to forest and fish issues in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Martin Environmental provides a variety of services to the forest industry and forest management agencies including:

         Design, implementation, and analysis of water quality and aquatic habitat monitoring

         Fish population and habitat inventories for forest management and harvest planning.

         Research concerning the effects of timber harvest on the environment.

         Forest practice BMP effectiveness studies

         Environmental assessments (EAs) and environmental impact statements (EISs) concerning harvest units, roads, bridges, and timber transfer facilities.

         Watershed analyses and habitat conservation plans (HCPs) for evaluation of cumulative effects and long term basin planning. 

         Technical support for preparation of harvest permit or variance applications.

         Expert consulting for regulatory and legal issues.

Partial list of forest/fish interaction projects performed by Martin Environmental
Ongoing Long-term Monitoring of Status and Trends of Fish Habitat Condition on Private Timberlands in Southeast Alaska
Sealaska Corporation, Alaska Dept. Nat. Res., Alaska Dept. Env. Cons., and Alaska Forest Association member companies
Ongoing Technical advisor to the Cooperative Monitoring Evaluation and Research (CMER) team of the Washington Forest Practices Adaptive Management Program.  CMER co-chair 2000-2007.
Washington Forest Protection Association
Scientific Literature Review of Forest Management Effects on Riparian
Functions for Anadromous Salmonids
California State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection
Monitoring Fine Sediment Intrusion of Spawning Gravels in Streams on the North Olympic Peninsula
Green Crow Timber, LLC
Developed Guidelines for Salvage of Windthrow from Stream Channels and Riparian Areas of Streams Impacted by the December 2007 Windstorm
Merrill & Ring
Member of Science/Technical Committee to AK Board of Forestry for Development of Fish Passage Needs at Temporary Road Crossings
Sealaska Corporation and Alaska Forest Association
Assessing Stand Mortality in Buffer Strips and the Supply of Woody Debris to Streams n Southeast Alaska
Sealaska Corporation and  Alaska Dept. Nat. Res.
Eighteen Watershed Analysis projects performed in Washington, Oregon, and California
Boise Cascade Corporation
Crown Pacific, Inc.
Olympic National Forest
Pacific Lumber Company
Pope Resources, Inc.
Plum Creek Timber, Inc.
Trillium, Inc.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Willamette Industries
Forest Road Runoff Disconnection Survey of Private Timberlands in Washington
Washington Forest Protection Association
A Survey of Bull Trout Presence/Absence in Northern Idaho Drainages Managed by Potlatch Corporation
Potlatch Corporation
An Assesssment of Fish Habitat and Channel Conditions in Streams Affected by Debris Flows in Hobart Bay
Goldbelt, Inc.
Fish Habitat Evaluation for Olympic Area Habitat Conservation Plan
Rayonier Timberlands Operating Company
Member of Science/Technical Committee to Alaska Board of Forestry for 1996/97 Review of Forest Practice Effectiveness
Koncor Forest Products, Inc.
Effects of Forest Practices on Michael Creek Water Quality; Data Analysis and Project Evaluation
Koncor Forest Products, Inc. and Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Spawning Gravel Characterization in the Ninilchik Area Streams
Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Klukwan Forest Products, Inc.
Sunday Creek Fish Habitat Restoration Plan
USDA Mount Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest
Spawning Gravel Characterization for the Palix/Cannon Rivers
Rayonier Timberlands Operating Company
Fish Habitat and Channel Stability Inventory for Hobo/Cornwall and Creaky Hart EIS Analysis Areas
USDA Panhandle National Forests
Cozynook Creek Sediment Trap Design and Water Quality Monitoring Program
Boise Cascade Corporation
Fish Habitat Investigation for Forest Harvest Variance Request, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
Klawock Heenya Corporation
Inventory of Fish Habitat and Channel Stability in Tributaries of the Upper St. Joe River, Idaho
USDA Panhandle National Forests
Methods for Testing Effectiveness of Washington Forest Practice Rules and Regulations with Regard to Sediment Production and Transport to Streams
Washington Department of Natural Resources
Investigation of the Cause of Adult Salmon Pre-Spawner Mortality in Southeast Alaska and Relationship to Logging
Alaska Working Group on Cooperative Forestry/Fisheries Research
Fish Habitat Investigations for Forest Harvest Variance Requests, Southeast Alaska
Klukwan Forest Products, Inc.
Whitesands Fisheries Habitat Survey, Idaho
USDA Clearwater National Forest
The Effects of Timber Harvest Operations on Water Quality of Big Kitoi Lake, Afognak Island, Alaska
Koncor Forest Products
Examination of Variation in Adult Salmon Returns to Lower Cook Inlet Fishery Areas Before and After Timber Harvest
Koncor Forest Products
An Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Logging on Fish Habitat in Nadzaheen Creek, Annette Island, Alaska
ITT Rayonier, Inc.
Development of a Riparian Management Prescription for the Maintenance of Fish Habitat in an Unnamed Stream Between Meeks Pond and Cabin Lake, near Cordova, Alaska
Sherstone Logging, Inc.
Evaluation of Potential Impacts of Bark Deposition on Marine Habitat from Dumping of Log Transport Barges, Port Frederick, Alaska
Atikon Forest Products
Water Temperature Monitoring on Small Streams, Prince of Whales Island, Alaska
Ketchikan Pulp Corporation